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Patrick Hunt earned his Ph.D. in Archaeology (1991) from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, University of London. He has conducted annual fieldwork in the Mediterranean, including North Africa, Europe and the Near East as well as in Central and South America since 1984.

Dr. Hunt in the AlpsAfter a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with Professor David Stronach, Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley from 1992-94, Patrick was the Director of the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project (1994-2012), a project continuing as the Hannibal Expedition (2013 on), conducting high altitude alpine research.

At Stanford he annually teaches regular archaeology courses, specializing in stone research, alpine archaeology, Hannibal studies, ancient environment and paleoclimatology, connections between archaeology and mythology as well as archaeological materials and ancient technology.

He also serves as President of the Stanford Society of the Archaeological Insitute of America (since 1995) and has been a National Lecturer 2009-2017 for the Archaeological Institute of America.

Institute for Ethnomedicine

In 2012 Patrick was appointed as a Research Associate in Archeoethnobotany by the Institute of Ethnomedicine for his research in ancient pharmacology and history of plants used in antiquity particularly in ancient medicine. He has taught classes at Stanford and elsewhere: "Medicine in the Ancient World", mostly to medical doctors.