Patrick Hunt, PhD
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I believe the boundaries between academic subjects are too often arbitrary and artificial. I find joy exploring the junctions between intersecting areas of the Humanities and Arts.

I have followed several life-long dreams – archaeologist, writer, historian – while teaching the last twenty-five years at Stanford University.

I am indebted and grateful to hundreds of students young and old over the years who have taught me as much as I have taught them.




Archaeology in the Alps

Archaeology Research Interests:



Lecturing at Stanford

Patrick is a National Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America (2009-2017), a regular instructor at Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program and he lectures for the Stanford Cantor Art Center Art Focus Series.



Book Reading

Patrick has authored many books and academic articles in a variety of fields from archaeology and art history to literature.


Nat Geo Expert

Museum Lecture

Patrick leads specialized study trips for sophisticated travelers with an emphasis on history and art.